In the beginning

27 03 2008

My love for speed started at an early age. I used to race off-road enduros’ on a Honda CR250. I loved that bike and more so, the thrill of riding her with a couple of mates over the weekend.

1981 Honda CR 125 – Red Rocket

My very first off-road bike. This was the first water cooled Honda 125. Back in 1981 I was paying around 50c a litre of petrol and I managed to score 40l of methanol for R30. Switched jets and I was A for AWAY!!! This little 125 was one helluva bike.

1996 Honda CR 250

One thing anyone will tell you about Honda’s is the way that they kick when the “band” comes in. I used to love that. This bike was awesome.

Super Series at Kyalami Race Track

Alas, I had to put the bikes to rest. Two things happened that put an end to riding bikes, lack of open places to ride and marriage. And, I’ll admit, the older you get, the more brittle the bones.

Quite rightly, my wife suggested that I no longer ride bikes and look for something a little safer…

A mate of mine is the owner of an original Lotus 7, he’s ripped out the old Kent motor and stuck in a Toyota 4AGE-ZE with a T6/5 turbo, and a lot of other mods he will only tell me about if I buy the car from him.

Enter my search for a Lotus 7 type vehicle.

After 18-months of searching and researching I found Locost S.A. They are the official South African importers for both the Westfield and Luego “7’esque” sports cars.

Better still, they are located two minutes away from my house. So, I did the only reasonable thing and bought myself the Luego Velocity starter kit, this was July 2006. The kit comprised a powder-coated space frame chassis, aluminium and fibreglass panels and the all the front and rear suspension wishbones.